Adonis Stevenson vs Tavoris Cloud Live Streaming Online Boxing

Stevenson vs Tavoris Cloud Live Stream Online

Stevenson demolishes Cloud with a 7th TKO

Adonis Stevenson vs Tavoris Cloud

Adonis Stevenson vs Tavoris Cloud Live Stream Online Boxing

WATCH LIVE BOXING – Adonis Stevenson v Tavoris Cloud FREE LIVE Streaming Online here. The classy Adonis Stevenson has been man enough to choose the deadly Tavoris Cloud over tepid Tony Bellew. Adonis will look to defend WBC Light Heavyweight title on September 28th at Bell Center, Montreal, Quebec. HBO will televise the match.
Adonis is called Superman, for he has an invincible aura around him, stepping and finishing with devastating effect every time he indulges in a fight. He will have home advantage and is hard to down as long as he keeps his opponent under his jabs. For Cloud’s sake, the match will better be near the ropes, where the continuous bounce irks Adonis somewhat.
Cloud is blessed with astonishing speed and strength and is referred to as Thunder for that. Yes, he went down to Bernard Hopkins but he showed resilience even there. Adonis will be unwise not to take Cloud seriously as the latter’s preparations for the match has been exemplary. His win against Gabriel Campillo was a lesson in pugilism and he will seriously look to replicate those strategies.
Adonis is a left-hander and is hard to read. He has also been steady at the top for some time and knows the nuances of challenges. He may shift course and go for a unanimous decision. If Cloud sways him off the handle and unnerve him, it will be an excellent match. Adonis Stevenson vs Tavoris Cloud Live Streaming Online will be placed below.

Cloud vs Stevenson Results

Adonis Stevenson demolishes Tavoris Cloud with a 7th TKO

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