Carl Frampton vs Hugo Cazares Live Streaming Online

Hugo Cazares vs Carl Frampton Live Stream WBC Online

Frampton crushes Cazares in Round 2

Carl Frampton vs Hugo Cazares

Frampton vs Cazares Live Streaming Online

Watch Carl Frampton vs Hugo Cazares Live Stream Online April 2014 hereCarl Frampton will be facing the veteran Mexican boxer Hugo Cazares on the April 4 2014 in Belfast. It is one of the most looked forward to boxing clashes in April and Hugo Cazares has a very good reputation all over the world. He has 40 wins and 7 losses to his credit and has been in fine form since 2012. But Carl, on the other hand, is believed to be the one who has the potential to topple Cazares in this fight. He is much stronger than his opponent and also is very brisk and nimble on his feet. It looks like Cazares will be finding it difficult to deal with the pace of Frampton, who is likely to keep on jabbing at his opponent to get the right opportunity to belt the killer blow. It seems like the fight would go Frampton’s way in the middle rounds.

Frampton has got massive power, fast movements and good defensive skills as his weapons for his fight against Hugo Cazares. Frampton’s jabs are the ones to watch out for and Cazares must use all his experience to whether the pace and power of Carl. It is going to be a real tough fight for Hugo and Frampton will have it very easy in this fight.

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