David Price vs Tony Thompson Live Streaming

Price vs Thompson: Live stream, results and round-by-round coverage

Thompson defeats Price again by 5th round TKO

David Price vs Tony Thompson

David Price vs. Tony Thompson LIVE – Wealth TV

Watch Live Boxing David Price v Tony Thompson Free here. David Price and Tony Thompson are set for a face-off at Liverpool Echo Arena on 6th July 2013. 29 year old Price suffered a surprise defeat on the home turf at the hands of Tony Thompson who bagged a two round win. Shocked by his defeat, Price and his trainer wanted a rematch on the spot however the match was fixed for 6th of July by the officials.

Fans all over the World are waiting to witness this historic re-match where Price would try his best to avenge his defeat. The Initial match was played at Liverpool Echo Arena in the month of February. Though the first round was low key, Price unleashed vicious blows on Thompson in the second round. 41 Year old Thompson was quick to recover. He seized the moment with a clear shot at Price’s neck and jaw line piercing his ear drum.  British Champion Price has only been defeated once in 16 matches so far.

Price has been in limelight for his inability to resist Thompson’s punches. Question is will Price beat the Tiger and claim his Title of World Heavyweight Champion back or would The Tiger continue with his victory run? Only time will tell.

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