Dereck Chisora vs Kevin Johnson Live Streaming Online

Dereck Chisora vs Kevin Johnson live stream 12 rounds

Dereck Chisora beats Kevin Johnson by unanimous decision

Dereck Chisora vs Kevin Johnson

Dereck Chisora vs Kevin Johnson Live Streaming

Watch Chisora vs Johnson: Full fight coverage of Dereck Chisora vs Kevin Johnson here. The thrill of the heavyweight championships is the open rivalry between the heavyweights and to see how the rivalry unfolds as two champions defend the title. One such match is about to unfurl on Feb 15th when Chisora will clash against Andriy Rudenko. The match will take place in London. Chisora has the label of the unbeaten Ukrainian. This is the crowning glory of his career. Fans have seen him obtain 19-4 with 13 KOs and his plans are outlined accordingly for this year. Chisora will aim to continue his impressive run that he had in 2013. In that year, he had won four matches and he will return to stand up against Rudenko who also stands unbeaten.

Rudenko is promoted by the Klitschkos and he will not be an easy opponent for Chisora. Rudenko is known to punch well and he has punched out everyone who has stood against him. However, Chisora is confident of ending Rudenko’s reign. Chisora will use this bout to prepare for the upcoming main event, where he will fight Wladimir, Vitali’s younger brother. He will attempt to reach the top of the heavyweight category in such a way. Andriy Rudenko pulls out of fight with injury.

Dereck Chisora vs Kevin Johnson Replay Video

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