Marco Huck vs Firat Arslan Live Stream Fight Online

WATCH LIVE BOXING – Marco Huck v Firat Arslan FREE LIVE Streaming Online

Marco Huck beats Firat Arslan; 6th Round Stoppage

Marco Huck vs Firat Arslan

Marco Huck vs Firat Arslan Live Streaming Online

Watch Arslan vs Marco Huck vs Arslan Boxing live stream Online here. Germany has rarely dished out qualified pugilists, but Marco Huck and Firat Arslan can cruise into any hall of fame. September 14th will hold a classic duel between the two at Hanns-Martin-Schleyer, Halle, Stuggart, Germany; a battle that should see an equal exchange of jabs and taunts.

Huck holds Cruiserweight title with ridiculous élan and has systematically prepared for this encroachment. They have already had a fight before, when Huck won but the result was quite controversial to the naked eye. Arslan will surely come with renewed passion to snatch the strap with vitality.

Huck, called Kapt’n Huck, was scintillating against Ola Afolabi while Arslan showed his purple moves in the draw against Alexander Alekseev. They will have a natural instinct on how to handle each other, coming from the same country and basically having the same grounding.

All things said and done, Arslan has shown that he can be vulnerable at times, typically against opponents who attack on a mission. He is not as fleet-footed as Huck and the latter will look to explore his advantages. On theoretical analysis, one finds little difference between Huck and Arslan though. On all counts, it should be a perseverant and tactical fight where Huck may hold the key. Watch Marco Huck vs Firat Arslan Live Stream Boxing below.

Marco Huck vs Firat Arslan Live Stream Replay Video

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