Ricky Burns vs Raymundo Beltran Live Streaming Online

Ricky Burns vs Raymundo Beltran Live Stream Fight Online

Ricky Burns vs Raymundo Beltran

Watch Beltran vs Ricky Burns vs Beltran Boxing live stream Online

Watch Ricky Burns vs Raymundo Beltran Live Stream Boxing here. Ricky Burns is a cherished name in the WBO boxing circuit and holds the straps in Light heavyweight category. He will again run the Sun on September 7th when Raymundo Beltran offers him a challenge. The match will be at SECC Arena, Glasgow, Scotland, a space Ricky has deservedly made his own.

Burns has always had an edge over his rivals through his tactical manoeuvres and excellent poise. He rarely loses his cool or goes off-balance. His punches are a delicate mix of power and placement. He has enough experience to appear intimidating, despite his serene stance. He is never short of manipulation, the art earning him the title of Rickster.

Going by the level of opponents Ricky has faced, Raymundo seems to be average fare. He has amazing moving skills though and knows the fine art of dodging. He will have to put more meat in his jabs to make a formative statement. Ricky was a bit shabby against his last opponent Jose Gonzalez and Raymundo will be counting on that to have plummeted Ricky’s ship somewhat.

Beltran has shot enough through his mouth and it will only be proper that he gives an appreciable practical demonstration as well. Sky Sports will televise this rocker of a match. Ricky Burns vs Raymundo Beltran Live Stream Online Boxing will be placed below.

Burns vs Beltran Results

1 10-9 Burns
2 10-9 Burns
3 10-9 Beltran
4 10-9 Beltran
5 10-9 Beltran
6 10-9 Burns
7 10-9 Burns
8 10-8 Beltran
9 10-9 Beltran
10 10-9 Beltran
11 10-10
12 10-9 Beltran
Verdict 117-113 Beltran
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    Make the fight in another place. What a robbery

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