WWE Extreme Rules 2013 live Stream Online

WWE Extreme Rules 2013 Live Streaming Watch Online

WWE Extreme Rules 2013

WWE Extreme Rules 2013 (May 19, 2013) Watch Online

Watch WWE Extreme Rules 2013 Live Stream Watch Online Free HD here. Come May 19th, and Wrestlemania will again be on song. WWE Extreme Rules comes with its exciting serving of three enticing matches and there will be too many hits on this PPV showpiece event. It will be held in St. Louis, Missouri’s famed Scottrade Center and the crowd count should also be of a different pedigree.

John Cena will take on Ryeback in the title match. Cena has wrested the strap from The Rock and may lose it as easily to Ryeback as he is suffering from a heel injury that is bound to obstruct his fluid movements. Interesting, the stipulation is a ‘Last man Standing’ winner, and Ryeback is clearly holding an edge, but for Cena’s indefatigable spirit.

Brock Lesnar will hold a steel cage duel with triple H, and there may just be a few words thrown in amid a fire-brewing encounter. There is also a match between three players in Ladder Format; Jack Swagger and Alberto Del Rio taking on Dolph Ziggler. The lattermost will unleash his spate of machinations for sure and will endeavor to tire down the fat and cute Del Rio. Swagger almost seems bait between these two lions. This is an event worth waiting for! Watch WWE Extreme Rules 2013 Online PPV in HD below.

WWE Extreme Rules 2013 Replay Video Links

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No. Match Stipulations
1 Chris Jericho defeated Fandango Singles match
2 Dean Ambrose defeated Kofi Kingston Singles match for the United States Championship
3 Sheamus defeated Mark Henry Strap match
4 Alberto Del Rio defeated Jack Swagger “I Quit” match for the #1 Contender-ship to the World Heavyweight Championship
5 The Shield (Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins) defeated Team Hell No (Daniel Bryan and Kane) Tornado Tag Team match for the Tag Team Championship
6 Randy Orton defeated Big Show Extreme Rules match
7 John Cena vs. Ryback ended in a no-contest Last Man Standing match for the WWE Championship
8 Brock Lesnar defeated Triple H Steel Cage match
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